Announcing Your Stimulus Package on Takeoff Software for Arizona Contractors

Construction in Arizona presents unique challenges that make working with planrooms important. Because of the summer, and even winter J, heat construction projects in the state often begin early in the day, finish before the heat of the day, and in some cases restart under lights in the cool of the night.

This schedule is perfect for construction workers, but can present a challenge for working with planrooms. This is because many planrooms are not fully accessible when it is best for the contractors. It works best for many contractors to retrieve plans when they are not busy on a construction site. However this can be a very strange hours in Arizona.

One great way to deal with this is to use online and digital planrooms. These facilities are accessible whenever it is good for the contractor. All they need is an internet connection, which can be found just about anywhere these days. Most new cell phones even work as wifi hotspots now allowing for continuous access to the internet even from job sites.

There is however a problem with online planrooms. Because they deliver plans digitally, they force construction contractors to print the plans out for best estimating results.

Unless they are using construction takeoff and estimating software that allows them to work directly with these digital plan files.

In fact, this is what many successful contractors are now doing. They are using planrooms in conjunction with estimating software as a seamless package. Giving them a tremendous advantage over other contractors.

They save time, money and are able to access plans when it is right for them, not when it is working hours for the planroom. This is especially noticeable when working with Arizona planrooms because of the unique construction working hours in the state.

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